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5G QoE Benchmarking Report

An analysis of 5G performance and

Quality of Experience in Europe (Q3 2023)

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Have you ever wondered which European city has the best 5G networks and experience, and most importantly WHY?

Speed is not everything and the industry is trying to adapt to meet the needs of customers when using real services. Typical end-users do not necessarily benefit much from download speeds of multiple 100Mbps (not yet). End-users just use a small percentage of those headline speeds when web browsing, streaming and any other internet regular activities.

Indeed, some experience categories such as Reliability (how consistent a network performs) or CDN performance (how your contents are served) are way more relevant in the 5G Era than just performing a throughput and ping test against (optimized) test servers to infer the customer experience.   

In this report, related to our Blog Post "All 5G networks are not created equal: Unveiling the TRUE QoE of 5G in Europe (II)", you will find:

  • Top 5G performance insights and TRUE QoE KPIS for 10 major European cities 
  • Mobile Experience Awards for best-performing European cities
  • Performance on 5G reliability, accessibility, time-to-content and value for speed, across regular end-user activities, like web browsing, using social networks, gaming etc
  • Insights about 5G deployments and network availability

Our report reveals in the analysis of the real field 5G measurements and true QoE KPIs that some operators have a better experience while others do not so much according to 5G expectations. 

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MedUX is planning to perform this benchmarking campaign on a recurring basis, and even enable certain continuous 24/7 measurements in particular geographies on-demand. Discover more by reaching out to us at hello@medux.com to explore potential collaborations in upcoming campaigns. 

In the meantime, you may also want to have a look at our recent Blog Post and download a copy of our detailed report about 5G Experience in London: "London's 5G Dilemma: EE Outshines locally, but London's Average Experience Is Worst Among European Cities"


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